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This is where I tell you about myself and my writing.

Before becoming a writer I worked in various posts in Banking, Finance, Insurance and lastly at an organisation working in the Criminal Justice System, all good backgrounds for stories. I started my writing career when I was made redundant and, like most writers, started with short stories. I attended creative writing classes and joined a writing group. I was lucky enough to be writing  at a time when Women’s Magazines were open for submissions from new writers. Sadly some magazines have now closed their doors to writers they have not previously published. A sad state of affairs for new writers.

However, if you’re a reader of women’s magazines like Woman’s Weekly, The Cappuccino Collection MEDIUM WEBTake-a-Break Fiction Feast, People’s Friend or Yours magazine you’ve probably read something I’ve written. My stories have been short-listed in several competitions, including the Ponsara Prize and the Strictly Writing competitions in 2010, the Sid Chaplin Short Story Competition in 2011 and the Skyros/Writing Magazine Holiday Competition in 2012. I’ve put 20 of my favourite stories in The Cappuccino Collection available here.

Experiencing some success with short stories (over fifty published) I moved on to novel writing. Having an interest in history and in particular the Victorian Era, I decided to base my characters in the nineteenth century when life was very different and the gap between the rich and poor much wider. Life was also much harsher. I write about poverty and prejudice in Victorian Society.

You can read about my books on the book page here.

Here are some examples of my  magazine publications.

Other News:

20161228_111054I’m delighted to be a calendar girl for Ingram’s 2017 Self-Publishing Success stories. September looks good.


Watercress AleI found this while researching The Watercress Girls. A health drink do you think?


My fun poem about writers’ groups is featured on the Womagwriter’s Blog. You can read it here.

I featured my books in Jane Davis’s Virtual Book Club. You can read my interview here.

I am  an Author Member of The Alliance of Independent Authors an organisation which connects and supports Independent Authors. If you’re a writer and you are looking for advice and support I recommend ALLi as the organisation to join.  Click on the link in the sidebar to go to their page or click here

When I’m not writing or promoting my books I enjoy spending time with my family.

If you have read and enjoyed my books and are kind enough to leave a review on Amazon this would be much appreciated.

What’s next?

I aim to keep writing and follow my passions wherever they may lead me.